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2 Sisters in STEM

Hi! We are Lily and Maisie, 2 sisters in our early 20’s working in STEM in the UK.

We are passionate about advocating for more female representation in STEM industries and hope to inspire others by sharing our stories!

If you share our passion and would like to work or collaborate with us in the future please email us at:


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This is our story…

How We Became 2 Sisters Working In STEM

So how did we become 2 Sisters In STEM? What paths did we take to get where we are today? We thought a good way to kick off our blog would be to do a proper introduction and tell you a bit about ourselves. The journeys we have followed from school, through A Levels, to…

Welcome to 2 Sisters In STEM!

Hi! We are Lily and Maisie, two sisters who have managed to muddle our way to start careers in STEM. There have been ups and downs, brilliant achievements and difficult challenges but all those experiences have led us to where we are today, and we hope sharing our stories will make it all seem a…

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